How To Get Converting Traffic

Get Converting Traffic
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How To Get Converting Traffic

Converting Traffic” – the Holy Grail of pretty much every website owner, affiliate marketer or SEO specialist. If you are selling anything online (where else?) then converting traffic is what brings the revenue in and makes it all worth it. All of your SEO effort, all of the ads and marketing that you pour into your website – they all aim at bringing your website higher in the search results and ultimately – attract converting traffic. So is there an easier way to bring it in? Today we are going to answer the question: how to get converting traffic?

What is converting traffic?

In short – these are the visitors that perform a desired action on the target website. It could mean that the visitor buys your product or service, fills in a form, registers or signs up, starts a free trial, downloads an app or ebook, or performs any other action you want them to. 

Conversion can be as simple as typing an email address into the newsletter sign-up field or as complex as placing an order and paying for it. Regardless of what it is, though, a conversion is usually the ultimate goal of the website. 

Where to get converting traffic?

There are many ways to attract converting traffic to your website. Some of them can be free and some require investment. SEO belongs to the first group. 

Your SEO efforts help your website climb up in the search engine results and therefore attract more natural organic visitors. This brings high-quality traffic to your website and can result in conversions. SEO is a sure way of bringing in just the visitors you need and can be done without having to invest much. It does, however, take a lot of work and effort if you want to keep the cost down and do it all in-house. 

Buying converting traffic

Another way of bringing converting traffic in is to buy it. Google, Bing, Facebook etc. can be great sources of converting visitors. A well-optimised ad may help you monetise your website and attract plenty of visitors interested in your product or service. It does, however, require a significant investment (the cost per click often varies between $1 and $50) and if you want to do it yourself – a fair share of trial and error testing. The good thing is that once you have it all set up and your ads start bringing traffic in, you will enjoy a steady flow of high-quality visitors and possibly conversions. 

If you want to buy converting traffic without having to spend so much on it and without having to learn the ropes (or pay someone else to set it all up for you), there are alternatives. 


Google and Facebook are the largest players in the advertising game but they are far from the only ones. There are thousands of smaller advertising agencies that together control a huge portion of the internet traffic. Some of that traffic can be accessed via self-serve RTB (Real-Time Bidding) traffic platforms. 

Such platforms offer you access to multiple advertising agencies and a range of targeting and/or filtering options to optimise the traffic you receive. And since the traffic isn’t targeted as precisely as with the big guys (Google, FB etc) – they are significantly cheaper. 

Traffic-Fans.Pro offers you access to 6 different traffic types, including Pops, Push, Native and Display each of which may bring you conversions. 

If you are after converting traffic, the Push traffic is a great place to start. Many users reported great results from it and the price per click starts from just $0.01. It allows you to run multiple creatives within a single campaign and gives you total control over each aspect of the traffic. 

You can start and stop the campaign immediately whenever you wish, control the budget, adjust the ads and creatives you run, try various countries, increase or decrease the number of visitors your ads are shown to, create custom schedules for the ads to run at certain times on certain days, select custom traffic sources, carriers, browser languages and more. 

Push Traffic puts you in charge of your traffic campaigns and gives you an incredible number of optimisation options. 

How to guarantee conversions

There is no such thing as a “guaranteed conversion”. Each of your website’s visitors is a person with their own mind, goals and desires. There is no way to “force” them to perform any action on your website unless they actually want to perform such actions. 

You can increase the odds of your traffic converting by making sure that your website is well designed, looks good, is user-friendly, loads quick enough and that your copy is well written. 

As you see there are plenty of factors that conversions depend on and high-quality traffic is only one of them. For this reason, there is no way of guaranteeing conversions – only various ways to increase the odds of conversions occurring. 

If you want to check if Traffic-Fans.Pro’s Push traffic works bring you conversions, you can test it out with top-ups starting from just $20. All you need to do is buy the credits you need to run your traffic campaign and receive an email with your login details. You can buy the credits (and learn more about the platform) HERE

We also prepared a quick-start guide and you always have access to TFPro’s support should you need it at any point. Since we want you to get the most out of your order, once you create your Push traffic campaign, pause it and let us know that it’s ready. We will optimise it for you for free and add the traffic sources that are most likely to convert for your niche and country. 

We wish you many conversions!

TFPro Team

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