Frequently Asked Questions

Your credits are valid for 2 years since the top up was made or since your last campaign ended.

Yes! You can register a free Traffic-Fans.Pro account HERE. You can then browse through the available types of traffic, settings, filters, and countries and even create your first campaigns. Once you are ready to run them and start receiving traffic you simply need to top your account up and the campaigns you created will go live automatically. You can top-up HERE.

We offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. We stand by TFPro and believe that you will love it as much as we do, but if you change your mind for any reason - let us know and we will refund your remaining account balance. Please note that cryptocurrency payments are non-refundable.

Depending on the traffic type you selected it may take from a couple of minutes to a few hours (for the campaigns that need their creatives approved by the moderating team).

In short - yes, it may. Some of the types of traffic available will bring you conversions and we get a lot of positive feedback from our clients in that regard. It does, however, depend on MANY factors. What type of traffic did you select? What did you target? What bids did you set? Is your creative well written? Is your website well-made and responsive? Yes, the traffic may definitely convert. We can’t make any promises or guarantees about it (obviously) but if conversions are what you need, contact us and we will optimise your campaign 100% free to increase the odds of conversions for you.

Always be careful when using paid traffic on Adsense-enabled websites. Regardless of how high-quality is the traffic that you use, there is always a risk that the Almighty Google doesn’t like it. This being said – if you use high-quality traffic and don’t overdo it – you should be fine. If you’re unsure – please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to advise you further.

Yes. Traffic-Fans.PRO is a 100% free, self-serve traffic delivery platform. All you need to enjoy it is top up your account and off you go! You get access to an advanced control panel to manage your (and your customers’) campaigns at no extra cost. Plus – you also have full access to Traffic-Fans’ industry-leading support team.

You can select the desired top-up amount at https://traffic-fans.pro and place the order. Once you do, the selected amount will be added to your balance in TFPro and a confirmation sent to you by email. If this is your first order, you will also receive your TFPro log in details in the same message.

The most common issue that may cause the campaign to not run or run too slow, is a bid set too low. If your campaign doesn’t start or you receive very little traffic, try increasing the bid and see if this helps. TFPro is based on a real-time bidding system so if many other users target similar goals, you may need to increase the bid to get access to more visitors. It’s a good strategy to start with a small bid and then increase it slowly until you reach the desired number of visitors each day. Immediately starting with a high bid could mean that you end up paying more than you need.

  • PTP (ad.fly, adfoc.us. and similar)
  • Sites with illegal content
  • Tech support
  • Pharmacies
  • Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adwares, Malware, etc.
  • Sites promoting hatred, racism, homophobia etc. 

We may refuse your URL if we find that it’s harmful in any way (not necessarily listed above)

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